Not resolved

Here are some Ph #s I found on the bill they send me:

1800-840 4043 is always bussy

1888-460 5888 no anwser !!! good luck !

The Internet addresse don't work too! I need to call my Cedit card and cansel !

The product is full of preservative calls Paraben.Very harmful to all females including children. It was found in breast canser and other cansers. I Would not use this product! I have trouble to return it too. They shipped me a free sample and now want to charge me $84.00.They do BAD bussines and should get stoped .


Monetary Loss: $84.

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I just called 888-298-9039 to cancel Hydroderm autoship. I spoke to Becky and received a cancellation confirmation number.

I don't think I'll have a problem with this but I will check my statement to see if billing stops. Good Luck...and by the way, the phone rang only 3 times before my call was answered.


Hydroderm couldnt charge my account for two payments and stopped my order. They said I was no longer in the customer list then they charged me another 84 bucks this weekend. Poor service company!


I need Hydroderm phone number, please!!!! I need to cancel!!!!

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