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I did an internet survey was offered one of three "free gifts". I picked the one with the least shipping and handling.

$4.95. A short while later I get a little brown box, no return label, nothing in the box. About a month later I get a second little brown box, again, no labels, no instructions, nothing. I assume they sent it twice in error.

Third box arrives....I attempt to find a phone number on the shipping label, nope, on the bottle, nope...so I google and eventually find a phone number. I explain the situation to the lady who basically tells me I am a liar and I obviously went on their site and ordered the product? I ask to speak to her supervisor...so she hangs up on me. Second phone call nets a more "reasonable" associate.

She explains I should have gotten a confirmation email and invoice....upon checking lo and behold they don't have my correct email address. Oops says she. But I am past the 30 day money back guarantee. I explain "why would I think there is a 30 day money back guarantee for a product that I didn't order other than a free sample" After much debate she agrees to let me return the product.

I package it up, send it expedited parcel back and wait for the credit. I did manage to get 1/2 my money back ; however, because I was ....

wait for it "Past the thirty day money back guarantee period" I cannot get the rest. The result, I have contacted my bank's fraud department and have begun opening my large mouth telling about this back handed fraudulent waste of money company

Review about: Hydroderm Free Trial.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Same thing happens to me and still don't know what to do?

I would not recommend this offer to anyone at all.


same thing happened to me, I supposed to pay only few $ for shipment but they changed me around 170$ for the product, I did call them request to return but they told only 14 days after the transaction I could returned it, then I told them you can't charge me for the product i've never bought and asked them to cancel my membership with them on spot, I talk to the customer service they told they will back in 50% of my money in few days yet waiting to see what they will do


similar thing just happened to me, with AMAZINGHYDRODERM and LOVEEYESERUM, be careful with the FaceBook free sample offerings, they will charge you full price with no receipt and no invoice.


I too got the trial with an offer to just pay the postage. 3 weeks later I had my credit card debited for $100 with reference BFU*EYESERUMNOW 800-972-1411 CA.

I have not received anything. Nothing in anything I have received identifies the company contact details. I ONLY ever wanted the trial. It was not my intention to order until I had trailed the product.

My credit card company said I will have to freeze that account and start another to stop future payments.

I would not recommend this offer to anyone at all.


The exact same thing happened to me where they said please try our sample of Hydroxaderm for $4.95. There was nothing said about any trial period or that I would have to return it or be billed over $80 for a product they had already charged $4.95 for the sample.

Prior to completing my order they said "oh you forgot the Snail Renewal Cream for an additional $4.95, so I said OK - still no mention of having to return the product if I was not satisfied. This was an advertisement on Facebook and I think Hydroxaderm should be sued for running such a scam and causing customers to have to go through such a hassel to right their wrong.

I am logging a complaint about Hydroxaderm, Snail Renewal Cream and the company who tries to pass this off as a good deal. This is truly a scam if I ever saw one.

Sincerely - a ticked off customer


I have just received my sample which I am returning ASAP at my cost of another $19 . What a scam...

Golden, Colorado, United States #871681

I saw the FREE trail offer on a Facebook add. So I thought I would try the product which also and a FREE trial for SnailSkin.

I received the product and started using it...NO surprise it's been 3 weeks and I see NO changes. Well we were on vacation and I checked my bank account and they charged my account over $80 dollars for Hydroxaderm and when I got home there was another charge for SnailSkin of $80+ dollars. Apparently the FREE trail is not free, if you do not cancel apparently within 14 days you will be charged the full amount. I had to called the one to cancel and that's when they informed me that the trail was NOT FREE!

I told them to terminate all future orders , then I was told they don't handle the Snail Skin that's another company so I had to call them and do the same...Of course they continued to give me this spill to try to get me to keep it.

I said I'm not going to pay for something that doesn't work and I could go to a Licensed Costmetic surgery and have Botox for what the cost for a product that does nothing. Don't get involved with this company..

to Capri Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #923605

I am currently going through the same thing,they have told me they sent me a check and it came back they said they tried to credit my account and they had a problem with the bank now they put a recording on every call and I leave a message to call me back. I wonder what is our legal options .If anyone wants to get in touch with me my e-mail in baer_133@yahoo.com

to Anonymous #989953

I just got scammed and have contacted my bank. I used a debit card attached to a cheque account to stop unauthorized use.

I had no funds in my check account yet my account has been debited. My bank has some questions to answer in relation to allowing unavailable funds to be taken out.


They did the same thing to me but got me for almost 800 dollars I marked a box to pay for shipping and the invoice every month only said 4.95 and they were chargingy account. 94.50 a month!!! SCAM!!


Thank you for sharing this BEFORE I agreed to try this "FREE" sample at a so-called one time shipping fee.

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