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I recently tried the hydroderm samples of which I was happy enough to have paid the postage for. It was advertised as a 'free' trial which I was wary about so was not surprised to find out it was in fact a 14 day trial. I decided to give it a go anyway and was wiling to pay the amount of $89.95 as they had quoted, I also phoned them to ensure this was a once off and to cancel any future products sent to me. BUT to my horror they did not charge me $89.95 but £89.95 which is a considerable difference especially when it is converted into Rands as I had used my SA credit card while living in the UK!!!!! On further investigation again to my horror I found they had done exactly the same to the second product I had also tried at $84.95......which they charged me £84.95!!!!

On this basis they have made a healthy profit of about $250 from me.

When I phoned their customer care number to clarify whether the products were sold in dollars or pounds the so called customer care agent called Lisa informed me it was indeed in dollars.... when I began to advise her that I had been charged in pounds you could hear the cogs breaking in her brain as this was deviating from her well rehearsed script which the company obviously promotes!!!!!

She proceeded to talk over me (I always thought that they were taught to listen to customers issues, hence having a support line) and was very condescending plus rude the more I tried to explain the issue to her.....the more she began to shut down.....ending in her putting the phone down on me as she could not cope or understand how to deal with my complaint!!

This is the second time I have tried to phone them to resolve my dispute and both times I have not been helped also at a great cost to myself having to phone America both times!

For the country that coined the phrase 'have a nice day'........ this company has taken it to the level of 'we will have a nice day at your expense'.

Review about: Hydroderm Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Whole service.

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Tasmania, Australia #947400

Hi I was riped off as well free trial it was ment to be but they took $6.17 on 10 Dec 2014 then charged me $106.73 on the 30 Dec 2014 they took it out of my bank with out me knowing I sent a e-mail to let them no and to put my money back in my bank but I have not got a reply *** :(

Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom #904684

hi this has happened to my mum you need to ring reading standards there is a case against them and they more evidence to shut these people down , have you had any luck getting your money back?


I had a call today from my credit card company with regard to suspected fraudulent activity in the amounts of £89.95 and £84.95 from Hydroderm. They have blocked all further payments to this company and gave me their Retailer Disputes number.

I was told that Hydroderm was featured on Watchdog in July! On Hydroderm website I found the number 001 (USA) 800 759 8620. I told the woman there that their product is no use for my skin and I wish to return and so could she give me an RMA number. She tried to persuade me to try other products and offered discount upon discount.

Eventually I said what part of the word No don't you understand. She gave me the RMA numbers for return and post to PO Box 7574 Milton Keynes MK11 9GQ, but you need to call for an RMA number and put it on the label.

I posted by Special Delivery and after I know it has arrived tomorrow I have to caller her again (she couldn't give me a UK number!!) and the refunds will be made. I hope all of you manage to get your money back.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #903169

Hi - i can not even email them ? Email bounces back and the tel number is disconnected - anyone has a number or something please ?

Thank you , I knew it was so good to be true!!!! *** me :(

to FAZ #903383

HI there.

The number i got through to them on was

0808 189 0637 ...... but i was calling from the UK?

Only email address i have for them

but i only received an email from them....

havent tried as yet to send them anything but i will be trying very soon.

Funny how when u go to the head of the companys page on google how it firstly doesnt have any contact info to get hold of him.... plus if u click on his site it doesnt open???

Good luck....

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #903019



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