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I have got the same problem with this so called "company". I have tried to cancel my product, but could not do it because they have no real website for "login" (they provided it but never works), and when use their auto phone system to cancel, the message is that they can not find my record.

What heck! They charge my credit card every two months! I really don't know how to deal with them. Want some advices from people who have encounter the same problems.

Hydrodem product does have problems, if it's really good product, the company don't have to do this way.

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I spoke to them on the phone. They said that even though I sent the sample back they couldn't take me out of their system because their system was down (like it has been for weeks) Well, they manage to keep charging every one's credit card!!

That part of their system seems to be working OK. I cancelled my credit card.

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